Python Programming

3rd June 2019 to 22nd June 2019

Expected Outcome(s): After completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Apply object oriented programming concept and establish a firm foundation on Python Programming.

  2. Develop any application software

Description of the Course:

  • Introduction, Installation and Working with Python

  • Understanding Python variables, Python basic Operators, Understanding python blocks

  • Python Data Types

  • Python Program Flow Control

  • Python Functions, Modules and Packages

  • Packages

  • Python String, List and Dictionary Manipulations

  • Introduction to Git hub

  • Python File Operation

  • Python Object Oriented Programming – OOPS

  • Programming using Oops support, Lamda in python

  • Python Regular Expression

  • Python Database Interaction

  • Python Multithreading

  • Json with python

  • Python CGI Introduction

Duration: Minimum 20 Days

Course Coordinator:

1. Sujala Pradhan

Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering


2. Biraj Upadhyaya

Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering