Advance Programming in Java and Its Applications

3rd June 2019 to 22nd June 2019

Expected Outcome(s): After completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Apply object oriented programming concept and establish a firm foundation on Java concepts.

  2. Develop the Web site design concepts.

  3. Develop any application software

Prerequisite (if any): Basics of Java Programming Skill.

Description of the Course: The main focus of this course is to give hands on practice session to students doing some projects using java language that focuses mainly on solving real world problems. The Course is divided into two sections. In the first week, the basic concept of Core Java and Servlet, JSP, Database Connectivity, Swing Programs will be discussed. From the second week onwards, some real world projects like: Messaging web-portal, SMIT Central Depository and Teacher's Performance Evaluation Report will be discussed.

Duration: Minimum 20 Days

Course Coordinator:

1. Vikash Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering


2. Ashis Pradhan

Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering